Friday, September 28, 2012

International Guild of Realism Annual Exhibition

Hi everyone!  Some of you already know that I'm a member of the International Guild of Realism (IGOR).  I was extremely honored when I was juried in.

Each year, the Guild holds its annual competition and show, which is held at different locations each time.  I did not enter any works this year but viewed the works that were juried in as well as the winners in this video that I'm sharing with you. 

I am in complete awe of the quality of the works in this show.  The talent these artists possess is beyond special.  It goes without saying that these artists are tops in my book and this sort of talent isn't found easily. 

Again, I'm honored to be in the Guild with these artists and look forward to the day when I feel confident enough to enter works alongside these masters.  Enjoy!


hmuxo said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Carole! and thank you for sharing this incredible video with us. I wish I could enjoy each one in person!!!

Carole Rodrigue said...

Thank you! I'm not in the show though. I didn't enter, and it was in 2011 that I was juried into the Guild. Aren't those some fantastic works though? There are so many brilliant artists in this group. =)