Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Merry Christmas and a Painting

14 x 18 Oil
Carole Rodrigue Copyright 2012

As promised yesterday, here's a piece I just completed. Since the series I'm working on is focused on red, what better theme than a Christmas one at this time of year? I've never painted a Christmas painting before but I think I should make this a yearly tradition.

I also have two other nearly completed pieces that I want to focus on during the holidays.  The next few days leading up to Christmas will be very busy for me, but I am hoping to at least complete them before the new year.  Wish me luck! 

Since I won't be back until after Christmas, I would like to take this opportunity to wish every one a very Merry Christmas and a fastastic New Year, filled with joy, prosperity, and good health.  See you soon and thanks for having a look!  ♥


hmuxo said...

OK!!! I'm speechless, Carole!! This is absolutely perfect!!! Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!

Carole Rodrigue said...

You certainly know how to make a girl feel good! Thank you so much, and I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Once again, a stunning piece. Lovely, just lovely. You are truly blessed.


Carole Rodrigue said...

Macy, that is so sweet of you. Thank you so much for taking the time to come and look. Have a Merry Christmas!