Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bag of Fruit Still Life

Bag of Fruit
11 x 14 Oil on Linen
Carole Rodrigue copyright 2013

This painting had been started a few months ago and I've just finally managed to get around to completing it. The inspiration was a study/daily painting. Like I said before, many of these daily paintings might end up as larger, more elaborated still life paintings. It is available so contact me if interested.

Great news was also received today. My painting "Shells" sold! Thank you Artists on Elgin! You can also now see Still Life with Turquoise hanging at this gallery. If you are in the area, you just MUST drop in at Artists on Elgin (168 Elgin St., Sudbury, Ontario) and have a look! I am told that as soon as people walk into the gallery, they just gravitate toward this painting. Hopefully it sells quickly!

In closing, I must bid farewell to a great leader of our time, if not the greatest leader ever. RIP Mr. Nelson Mandela, Sir. Your legacy and wisdom will live on forever. ♥

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hmuxo said...

AMAZING painting, Carole. You did an excellent job with the fruits and bag!! Love it....