Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Grand Art Show

Musical Notes
48 x 60 Oil
Carole Rodrigue 2014

This Saturday was the opening reception for the Grand Art Show here in Sudbury at Open Studio.  we had a really great turnout and I was so happy to see everyone there and to have met new people as well as old art loving friends.  I'm always appreciative whenever people come to see something that I created and I feel blessed.  

I also consider myself very blessed and honoured to have participated in this show with a fabulous group of artists.  Not all were in attendance due to unforeseen circumstances, but most of the artists were there.  The art is beyond incredible and anyone who is in the area really should go see the show. I promise nobody will be disappointed.  

It was also an honour for me to have been able to steal about an hour and a half of the great Canadian artist Ivan Wheale's time.  He had me charmed and my interest piqued the whole time with his stories.  He has a wonderful sense of humour and had me in tears with laughter at times.  This man is truly a Canadian treasure and I am so happy that I got to spend this time with him.  I've posted other photos below with little blurbs.  

From left to right: Paddy O'Sullivan, Bill Whittaker, Ivan Wheale, me, and Frank Danielson.  Hanging above us is an earlier Ivan Wheale piece of an iceberg, dating back from the '80's.  

Here I am with Ivan Wheale, keeping him to myself and listening to his stories.  

Finally, here I am with Musical Notes and Refleggtions.  Still Life with Turquoise is hanging just on the other side and not in the photo.  All three paintings are available for purchase.  Inquire with Artists on Elgin.


hmuxo said...

Musical Notes is painted SO beautifully, Carole and I love the photo of you with the other artists!!!! I've been on vacation so I missed your Teacup & strawberries! SO realistic..
Wonderful work!

Carole Rodrigue said...

Thank you Hilda. I had a great day with them at the show. I hope you had a great vacation!