Monday, December 1, 2014

Cup & Lemons

Cup & Lemons
8 x 10 Oil
Carole Rodrigue ©2014

The weather was so beautiful all last week but turned brutally cold today, with gusting northern winds.  It was a perfect day for tea with maybe a bit of lemon.  Actually, I never drink lemon in my tea but I do so love to paint them.  I love so many things with lemon, lemon meringue pie, cakes, cookies, lotions, soaps . . . What's not to love about zingy fresh lemons? Their bright cheeriness warms one on a winter's day, so they did manage to warm me even without adding any to my tea.

If you like this one, it's now up on eBay.  I think I have a lot of apples laying around the kitchen . . .


hmuxo said...

This is so beautiful Carole. The lemons look SO real!! It makes me pucker !! Wonderful painting.

Carole Rodrigue said...

Thanks! I'm glad this one makes you pucker. That's a great thing for an artist to hear. :-D