Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Schecter Guitar Painting as a Tribute

I Am With You
10 x 20 Oil 
Carole Rodrigue ©2016
SOLD, Private commission

As an artist who does commission work, you sometimes get a very special request that touches you deeply.

I was honoured to be asked to paint this Schecter Diamond Series 7-string guitar.  It belonged to a young man that recently passed away, and his family wanted to have it in a painting as a memorial.  I'm told he loved to play it and that this represented who he was.

Painting this did put the pressure on because I so wanted to make sure it was what the wanted and I wanted to do right by the client.  I always do, but when you know the deep meaning behind a request, sometimes you just can't help but feel deeply for the client, such as was the case here.

Despite this being a sad occasion for a commission request, the family was very happy with the results, therefore I am beside myself with joy that I was able to do something for this family.  I hope that whenever they look at the painting, that they smile with pleasant memories of past events, perhaps a song he played, or a look he gave.  Memories are so unique and special.  I'm humbled that I was able to help bring a smile to the family.

This is a message that I had in my inbox after they'd received the painting:

"Thank you again Carole for the beautiful work. You did such an amazing job, my family just loves it so much. Such a beautiful way to remember his music, forever enshrined in your artwork."

And to them, I say thank you also.  Thank you for allowing me to do this special thing for you.  

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