Sunday, January 28, 2018

Pastel Golden Retriever Puppy Painting

8 x 10 pastel on pastelmat
Private Collection
© Carole Rodrigue 2018

Have you ever seen a cuter puppy?

Everyone, this is Sadie.  She was selected as the winner in my pet portrait contest on my Facebook page.  Yes, her owner WON this portrait for FREE!!!  I do hold these a couple of times a year, so you really should follow me . . .  ---------->  HERE.  :-D

Sadie's portrait is painted with pastels on pastelmat.  I play around with various pastel supports because the truth is, I can't decide which I prefer yet.  After several years of working with pastels, I can't decide if I prefer sanded paper, suede mat board, velour paper, or pastelmat.  These are all great, but they all have their issues as well.  I know I don't like paper paper.  I need something that takes layers.

With suede mat board and velour paper, I just love the softness you get, but you can't detail very well, not like sanded paper or pastel mat.  Then with pastelmat and sanded paper, I love how you can detail and layer, but I find it's still an issue to layer certain pastels together, and there isn't that fluffy softness you get with the velour or suede, event softening and blending.  So, those are my issues.  I don't know if I'll ever have a favourite.

I did manage to put together a speed painting video with my painting process for this piece.  It's just over 5 minutes long.  If you like it, how about giving it a thumbs up on YouTube and subscribe for more videos as well?  I'd be very grateful.  :-D

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