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Monday, June 26, 2017

A New Cat Portrait in Pastels with Speed Painting Video

Who Me?
8 x 8 pastel on suede 
© Carole Rodrigue 2017

 I've been in between commissions after completing my last German Shepherd painting and waiting for reference photos for my next commission, and thought I'd paint this one in pastels.  I don't get to paint nearly enough with pastels and it's a shame because I do love it so much.  I wish I could get to paint more animals in pastels!

While I worked on this, I recorded a video and uploaded it to YouTube.  It is a speed painting video, and I do hope you enjoy it!  Be sure to have a look at my Commission Info page on my website if you have questions about having a pet portrait commissioned.  They do make great gifts!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Cat Portrait in Pastel

Mitsou,  8 x 8  Cat Portrait in Pastel 
© Carole Rodrigue 2016

This is  Mitsou, my cat.  She's been a subject of mine in the past and probably will be again.  She's such a photogenic creature, as well as a beautiful painting subject for a pet portrait.

I'm currently working on a few oil paintings, one of which is a giant private commission that unfortunately, I won't be able to share.  It's a large 36 x 46! It's not a pet portrait, but a person.  I'm also working on some smaller pieces, one of which is a mourning dove.  That one I can't wait to share!

In the meantime while paint is drying, I decided to play a little with pastels as part of my decision to have more fun with my art this year.  I'm also playing more with charcoal, graphite, as well as coloured pencils.  I've been so serious in these past years and it feels so liberating to just play again.  That's not to say that I won't be creating serious works because I will.  My hockey painting was a very serious piece for me and one that means a lot.  But playing is important too in order to not become stagnant and to keep feeling inspired.

Isn't that what art should be about?

So, expect more, a lot more.  I'm just warming up and starting to have fun.

Hope you enjoy this one!

P.S.  If you want a pastel pet portrait of your dog or cat, I can offer you an 8 x 8 for a mere $150 Canadian.  It's a perfect size for a head pose and pet portraits make great gifts! Mother's Day and Father's Day are approaching soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dog, Horse, Cat, and Other Pet Portraits

It has been a while since I've posted anything, so I would like to say a big HELLO!

I've taught art during my hiatus, and have been recharging my batteries, finding new inspiration, working on other projects, and coming up with so many great ideas I want to start working on in the very near future.

I am also taking this opportunity to say that yes, I am doing pet portraits.  The busy Christmas season will start soon, so it's important to book now before the rush to ensure you have your spot! If you or anyone else you know has a dog, cat, horse, bunny, bird, or any other pet, I am available for custom oil portraits working from your high resolution photos.  Just please make sure the photos are clear and high resolution.  You can visit my website at to have  a look at the sizes and pricing.

All portraits are painted on quality linen canvas, and then varnished with museum quality Gamvar to ensure archival quality and protection.  The process is really quite simple and I work with you to ensure 100% satisfaction.  All you need to do is email me a high resolution photo of your pet, and we discuss the details. You approve the final painting before shipping and payment.   Easy peasy.

I'm also planning on creating mini lessons which will be uploaded to YouTube.  They will feature various subjects, but will be kept simple and understandable for everyone, from the novice beginner, to the advanced student.  I will also create little mini downloadable e-books which will accompany the video lessons so that they may be referred to and will contain more detail.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to have a lesson soon and some pet portraits to show!

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm also leaving you with a little video of past daily paintings.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Boy, it's been a while again . . . but this is part of a larger piece that I'm currently working on. This is my cat, Mitsou. Mitsou wears her name well. She's a real little princess, and just such a sweet and delicate cat. I've been working on this piece for a few weeks now and there's still quite a bit to go. I'm not sure either if I'll post the full piece until later this year. I've my reasons, so I'll think about it. Well, my reason is that this piece is going so well I'd like to get into competitions, so I don't want to jinx myself by posting the whole piece. Silly superstition . . .

Speaking of Jinx, that's my other cat, and she wears her name well too, so I'm not sure if I'll paint her just yet. Lol. I actually do have pieces in mind for her too.

Things have been busy for me here too and I was hoping things would slow down, but they haven't yet. I'm waiting for that early spring and really looking forward to warmer weather again and getting outside. We're still settling in the new house and still have work to do in here like painting walls and such. Seems to take so long to find yourself in a new place. I find myself still turning in circles looking for stuff, and my studio is still a confusing place. Just when my other studio had been finished at the lake house, we just had to up and sell the place. Now we're planning on building a studio here. For now I'm just using up part of the basement and I am lost!!! So, hopefully I'll find myself in that space after it's built. Building should start in March, so here we go with busy again.

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully it doesn't take me a month to post again. It does get hard though when there isn't much that I'm ready to show. I look at so many blogs that just post about, well, nothing. I'm not so sure I want to post every day just to tell people about what kind of sandwich I ate that day. Do people really care about this stuff anyway? Or do people want to read relevant content. I opt for relevancy.

So folks, I'll be back soon, and with relevant stuff! ;-D You all take care in the mean time!