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Friday, July 18, 2014

Apple No. 4 Daily Painting

Apple No. 4 (unframed)
5 x 7 Oil
Carole Rodrigue ©2014

My painting for today is a simple apple on a napkin.  I also added a photo of it framed just to show how it looks in the frame.  It's a tromp l'oeuil and I love how once framed, it looks as though you could reach in and pull out the apple and napkin.  They seem to float inside the frame.  This is also the same effect I created with "Return to Sender", my package painting which was inspired by Claudio Bravo.  Bravo was the master of paper, fabric, and package paintings.  

I also started my rough sketch in oil for my larger painting which will be exhibited at the end of August.  At this stage, I'm still open to changing some things in the layout and am toying with another idea for something that could be added.  I'll decide by tomorrow.  Tonight, I'm going to start laying colour on the background and the crow.  I can't tell you how excited I am to be painting a crow! Keep stopping by because new work will be coming next week and I will post progress shots of this crow piece.  Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Antique Whiskey Jug & Apples Daily Painting

Antique Whiskey Jug & Apples
8 x 10 Oil
Carole Rodrigue ©2014

This whiskey jug has been sitting in my studio collecting dust for years.  It has been very much neglected, I must say, and I think it's high time I started painting it more.  I absolutely love how it looks in paintings so I can't say why I haven't painted it more often.  I've visualized so many different paintings with it in mind yet have never gotten around to any of them.  So, here's to starting to paint this jug more often!

If you like this one, it is now up on eBay for auction.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tiffany's Box & Charm Daily Painting

Tiffany's Box & Charm
8 x 10 Oil on hardboard
Carole Rodrigue ©2014

Okay, I must say, if ever there was a painting that I've created that put me in a cheerful spring mood, this one is it! I worked all day on this one, so it's a steal at the open bidding price.  Well, all of my eBay listings are a steal . . . Anyway, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed painting this one.  I must admit I played with a few greens before giving myself a smack on the side of the head when I finally figured my correct mixture.  After several tries, I got a paint mix that satisfied my eye.  I love this painting! If you do too, you can click here to bid on eBay.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and enjoy the long weekend! <3

Monday, April 14, 2014

Red Pear & Bottle Daily Painting

Red Pear & Bottle 
5 x 7 Oil on hardboard
Carole Rodrigue  ©2014

Hi friends, this painting is now up for auction on eBay.  It was painted spontaneously last night. Really! I had NO plans on painting last night but I had purchased these beautiful red pears and was just playing around with different set ups, trying to decide on something that I was going to paint today.  A little while later, I stopped, and said, "Wow!"  I had completed a painting! I had to laugh at myself since these things don't often happen and usually require more planning.  It's a truly great thing though to get caught in the flow like that, and indescribable.  There's a sense of something almost greater than yourself, some vibrant energy that takes the lead and enables you to create without thought or judgment.  It's just, getting caught in the flow! That's the best way to describe it.  Oh, and I really, really love being in the flow.  :-D

I hope you like this one.  If you do, you can click here to bid on eBay.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tomatoes & Copper Relisted!

Tomatoes & Copper
8 x 10 Oil on hardboard
Carole Rodrigue ©2014

Hello my friends! It has been a while since I've posted anything.  I was laid up for a while due to surgery, but I am now mended and back at it! Let me tell you though, it was quite frustrating not being able to paint.  Life is amazing now that I'm back in the studio!

I'm busy painting for an upcoming show this summer, and a couple of competitions but I am going to be starting daily paintings and small works for eBay again.  I have relisted this lovely piece and I hope one of you out there will be a lucky bidder! Please click here to have a look on eBay.

P.S. Here is what the painting looks like framed. . .

(Frame not included) 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tomatoes and Copper Daily Painting

Tomatoes & Copper
8 x 10 Oil
©2014 Carole Rodrigue

Hello friends, this will be my last daily painting available for auction for a while.  I'll be having surgery Thursday and will be away for a few weeks recovering.  I hope to bounce back quickly and hit the easel and paints as soon as possible!  If you're interested in this one, please click here to bid on eBay.  And in the voice of Arnold, I'll be back! Thank you! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pear Daily Oil Painting

Pear No. 2
7 x 5 Oil
Carole Rodrigue copyright 2014

Here is the first Daily Painting of 2014! This one is available through eBay for a very low opening bid of $0.99 only.  It is painted in the classical realism style, but alla prima.

Many of you have asked what is a daily painting. Daily paintings are an exercise and also part of a movement that was started several years ago by Duane Keiser. Since then many artists have participated in this movement.  Many quickly give up or do it only temporarily as an exercise, and many have gone on to develop successful careers as daily painters, such as Abbey Ryan.  

Daily paintings are quick studies completed in less than a day.  The purpose of the exercise for me is to hone my skills, force myself to keep working in the studio, and to keep my creative energy in a constant flow.  Through these exercises, I have noticed development in my art as well as other areas of my life.  Let me note that there is a huge difference between a daily painting and a painting that has taken many hours and days to develop.  This is why you will see a difference in price also.  Works which are not daily paintings take much more work, have more detail, and have several layers of paint to achieve the  desired result.

So there you have it, the daily painting movement explained really briefly.  Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.  I'm always pleased to answer!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Something Different . . .

12 x 12 Oil
Carole Rodrigue Copyright 2012
(Photo taken with iPhone since this produces less glare, and no, I don't smoke!)

Here's my latest still life using red paint.  This is a little different from my usual work.  This painting shows how much my art is evolving and continually changing.  I believe this evolution is crucial in the life of an artist.  Stagnate and you disappear.  I love the simplicity in this piece.

PASSé, although seeming simple, is somewhat complex.  It is layered in meaning, although I leave this to the viewer since there is so much that can be read into this painting.  I even had one person tell me she loved this because it stired certain feelings in her, feelings of a sexual nature.  Of course this at first surprised me but after giving it much thought, I supposed that this shouldn't really be surprising.  Art touches people on so many different levels and in many different ways.  This is why I don't like to always explain a piece or talk about what I wanted to convey.  Doing so could prevent viewers from feeling and experiencing what naturally comes to them, and who am I to say what something should mean to someone?

I have completed another painting for this series which I will post tomorrow.  The paint needs to dry a little so that I can photograph it with less glare.  If not, iPhone again!  Until tomorrow, have a wonderful night and sleep well.  Thank you for dropping in. ♥

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Little Treasures

Winter Day II
4 x 6 original oil
Copyright Carole Rodrigue 2012

Purple Coneflower
4 x 6 original oil
Copyright Carole Rodrigue 2012

Hi everyone, I'm working on a larger still life at the moment, which needs to dry a little before I can continue.  It will have a lot of small details, so it will take some time.

In the mean time, I painted these two Little Treasures.  I will be participating in the Art in Bloom Show on June 3rd here in Sudbury, so I'm getting cracking painting several smaller pieces for the show.  I thought a coneflower would be just perfect for an art show in a garden!  I just might paint more flowers, I'll see which way I feel inspired. 

As for the winter scene, well, I always enjoy painting winter scenes, even in May when I'm so thankful the snow is finally gone! 

I hope you enjoy these and I will paint more small ones in between drying times for larger pieces.  Thanks for coming to have a look and I'll be back soon!  :-) 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Latest Still Life

Hi everyone. Here's my latest still life, still very wet! I might still make some adjustments but it's pretty much done. I'm calling it "Market Finds", and it's 24 x 18, original oil on gallery wrap canvas.

It's late, and I'm must head off to start planning my next piece. I'm thinking silver and a doll . . . Thanks for dropping in and I'll be back soon!

Market Finds
24 x 18 original oil
Copyright Carole Rodrigue 2012