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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mural News

Well, I'll be! After a short time away from the Internet, I've learned so much has happened regarding the Cadeau du Cheval mural. As you all know, our first unveiling was at the Masters at Spruce Meadows in Alberta, and from there, the mural travelled south to Ohio for the All American Quarter Horse Congress where it was admired by beaucoup de people. Now, the mural is headed even further south down in Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo! Amazing!!!

What's even more amazing is that, apparently, Horse Illustrated is doing an article on the mural, and so is Cowboys and Indians magazine. I've also learned that Cowboy Country T.V. has done a feature on a current episode (see about episode #710).

Now, I'm just super tickled about all of this, especially about us being on Cowboy Country. I've been a big fan of that show for quite a while now and would never miss an episode on Saturdays, and then I'd even often watch a few re-runs in a row on Sundays. I am saddened however that just when I move, I find out I don't have Cowboy Country on cable where I am. Bummer. Real bummer. Not only do I miss Ash Cooper, and Dave and Barb Poulsen, but watching western artists on there was a real highlight for me. And that little violin ditty during the historical segment, boy, I miss that too . . . I wonder if I could order a copy of the show from their website?

Anyway, all of this news I got from reading Phil Alain's blog at Phil's got great stuff on there about the mural's travels and about other murals. He's also got great pictures from the mural events and I'm glad I can check out his blog since I can't see it right now myself. Thanks for filling my imagination with the updates and pictures, Phil!

And on the painting beat, I'd started a small 5 x 7 horsie piece and plan on finishing either tonight or tomorrow. It's kinda hard to get into it tonight with all of the U.S. election excitement, so it might be put off until tomorrow. But I do think painting small for now is a great idea.

I'll post back real soon, and until then, you take care of yourselves and make tomorrow a great day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And Here It Is!!!!

Yes folks, the mural for Le Cadeau du Cheval is finally completed and was unveiled today at Srpuce Meadows in Alberta. It's a bittersweet event for me; I'm so thrilled about the unveiling and finally seeing the mural myself, but also a touch sad at not being able to have gone there. I am hoping to one day see the mural in person, so I'll keep looking forward to that.

So, please make your way on over to and follow the links for the horse mural, or Le Cadeau du Cheval, then, you can click on panel #116 to see mine, Incitatus. There are sooo many beautiful panels on this mural, it must be such a site to behold in person. One day . . .

Okay, gotta go, but please contact me if you have any comments at , or post them here. I sure would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading this and we'll see you soon!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Miracle Man

Miracle Man
16 x 20 original acrylic on masonite

Here's the completed painting from the image I'd posted last week. This is a painting of Josh Lyons and the 2 yr old colt he'd trained back in June up in Quebec. I was inspired to paint this after watching this scene unfold. Josh was signing autographs and talking with people after the long day's session. The horse was broke and just following Josh everywhere, staying by his side, keeping his full attention on him at all times. Then the colt began to nuzzle Josh, resting his head on his shoulders, and just being a real baby. Josh turned and began nuzzling right back, and even giving a kiss or two. Needless to say, to me, this scene summed up the days work. A horse was trained, and trust was gained, on both ends (~sniff~). After witnessing Josh's amazing abilities with horses that weekend, I was convinced, he was indeed a miracle man with horses, and that's where the title came from.

By the way, I just fell in love with that horse. Boy, to have a horse like that some day . . .

And just another reminder, the countdown's on for the unveiling of the Cadeau du Cheval mural at Spruce Meadows, Sept. 3-7!!! Coincidence of coincidences, Lewis Lavoie painted a panel of John Lyons in the mural. It's pretty amazing, and there's also a pretty amazing painting of Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner! Being a Star Trek fan, I find it pretty darned bang on! Check it out folks, Live long and prosper, eh! Now that was spoken like a true Cannuck . . . ;-)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Popping In

Window Light
11 x 14 original acrylic

Work in Progress

Yes, my bad. I haven't been here in over a month, so slap me silly. But it wasn't all my fault, I swear! The Internet has really been awful in these parts lately and uploading pages was nearly impossible, never mind taking care of my email or trying to blog. So, spending time online was nothing but frustrating, so one tends to give up after a while. Better that than throwing the darned puter out the window, eh!

I must also confess that painting has been a rare occurence this summer. And I can't blame summer weather because we're still waiting for summer to get here. I did however complete the above piece recently (Window Light), and have a few on the go. The photo showing the work in progress is but a small part of a larger piece which I'm still working on and hoping to complete this week. If all goes well that is. So, I won't show the rest because I do so hate to show a work in progress. I'll share a pic once competed.

I've also been working on the sketches for a new piece I've been itching to do for a few weeks of a little girl and her father, which I'd photographed at a rodeo. The painting is such a beautiful father/daughter scene, and I'm hoping to eventually have limited edition signed prints made with a portion of profits going to a popular charity which benefits children. I'll have more details once everything's finalized, so let's all hope this piece turns out like what I'm envisioning! In the mean time, I'll be working on not only the painting, but making contacts and working on details for the fund raiser. Stay tuned for this one.

Also, have you been staying up to date on the development of the Cadeau du Cheval mural? If not, be sure to check out to see just how beautifully this mural's coming along. There are so many wonderful panels which have been added and yours truly's is on there also. The final unveiling will be at the Masters at Spruce Meadows (AB) in just a few short weeks! Now that's really, really exciting since we artists don't even know what the final mural will look like and have to wait along with the rest of you to see the final masterpiece! Neat eh! So I'm really looking forward to seeing it completed. Keep watching its progress!

Gotta go, but I WILL be back soon! Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Think It's Done . . .

Cadeau du Cheval panel, untitled painting of Incitatus
Hello! Here's what I think is my completed panel for the Cadeau du Cheval mural. I'll take a couple of days to look at it to see if anything needs fixing.
There's a glare in the photo and you can't see his necklace well either, but I'm planning on getting this scanned professionally this weekend for future prints. I've also decided to not add too much to the piece, just the necklace and purple blanket, along with the black marble stable entrance. Sometimes less is more, and I think the blanket alone should arouse enough curiosity for people to want to know more. Please do email me or leave a comment to let me know what you think!
This weekend will again be a busy one also. I've been prepping Lonesome Charlie and had Cafe Regular, and the painting of the soap and glass blocks from my bathroom framed. I'll be bringing these to the La Cloche art competition on Saturday. This is the first time I'm entering a competition where I'll be showing actual paintings and I'm just sooo excited! I'd joined a couple of competitions in the past where only pictures were sent, so I'm looking forward to having my paintings seen. Now, I'm hoping they get juried in and that they'll do well. Wish me luck! I'm attaching pics of the glass blocks and Cafe Regular. Charlie can be seen on my website at
Café Regular,original acrylic

Soap, Candle, & Glass, original acrylic

Monday, June 9, 2008

So, This is What I've Been Up To . . .

I'm popping in here real quick to give a brief update and post a few pics. It's been hard finding the time to post regularly, but hopefully things will slow down in about a month and get back to normal.

This past weekend, my friend Tammy and I headed up north in Quebec to attend a Josh Lyons clinic. Wow, wow, wow!!! What a weekend it was! Josh broke a 2 yr old, completely untrained horse and rode it within hours. The Lyons' methods are amazing and I highly recommend that anyone with horses should buy the books, c.d.'s, and attend a clinic.

I had never seen a horse being trained from scratch like this and have to admit I had pre-conceived notions of a horse being, well, "broken" through physical methods which would make me cringe. But this wasn't the case with the Lyons' method. Not one hair on that horse was hurt, and in fact, I was completely amazed to see how Josh had that horse stuck to him like glue after, following his ever step, nuzzling his back as he spoke, and just seeming so happy to be around Josh. Even upon entering the arena that morning, that colt looked like a 2 yr old brat and within hours seemed to have acquired a certain "maturity" and level of respect that wasn't there earlier. The next morning, Josh came in, the horse immediately turned toward him, waited for a cue, then went to Josh. Josh quickly repeated what he'd done the previous day, and rode the horse again, without a problem.

So, many were thinking that the horse was being this way because of Josh, but the host, Laurier, came in and got on that horse, no problem. Morceaux de gateau, as Josh joked. (Sorry, no accents on my "gateau" and I'm too lazy to look up my alt codes.)Later that afternoon, Josh helped a woman whose horse had an intense trailer fear and had even fell over that morning as they tried to load it up. This horse was an old Thoroughbred with what the woman said was an unpleasant past. Watching that horse, it was obvious there was a high level of neuroticism and who knows what that poor creature had endured in her life. But again, Josh walked into the round pen and the horse just seemed to immediately calm. In about an hour of working with her, that horse walked into the trailer by herself and kept doing it thereon after. Josh even had his little boy come in and walk the horse into the trailer, and then the horse's owner, who seemed pleasantly relieved.

The Thoroughbred entering the trailer as Josh Lyons watches.

Anyway, it was an amazing event and I highly recommend anyone who has horses to attend a Lyons clinic if ever you get a chance. This definitely ranks as one of the top things I've witnessed in my life.

Oh, and my panel. Not done. Almost though. I'm giving you a sneak peak but keep in mind I still have work to do and it will look very different, and the horse isn't done either. The background has been changed also since I took this photo. I'm also entertaining adding a purple blanket around Incitatus' legs, blowing in the wind, a necklace (see all in white chalk marks), and maybe even a crown since he was allegedly made a Roman senator. I want to add personal Incitatus and Caligula touches, otherwise, what's the point of making this horse Incitatus, right? So, there will be some touches of Caligula's eccentricity and madness. So, in the meantime, enjoy the photos, visit to see some completed panels, and be sure to visit or . I'll be back soon! Good thing this was a quick post eh! ;-)

Le Cadeau du Cheval panel, work in progress

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh My!

Oh me-oh-my!!! Where has the time gone? I have to apologize for not giving an update sooner, but this girl's started a new job and has been working overtime, This has left me with very little time to myself lately. But I did manage to do some work on my Cadeau du Cheval panel.

Here's what I decided to paint for my panel: My panel will feature Caligula's horse Incitatus. For those who don't know about Incitatus, he was Caligula's prized horse and so loved by the Emperor that he was treated like a king. Incitatus had a black marble stable, was adorned with purple blankets, drank and ate from jewelled cups, received dignitaries to dine with him ~yes, the horse!~ and had a wife, Penelope.

It was also rumored that Incitatus was made senator by Caligula who'd apparently had lost his marbles. I wonder if some of it ended up in the stables . . . Anyway, this was a rumor and history holds no proofs of this, but it was also rumored that Caligula had Incitatus declared a god, one who embodied all other gods. Interesting and strange man eh . . .

So, after staring at my panel for hours, days even, I thought Incitatus would be perfect for the shapes in the panel, which must be kept. I have put several hours of painting in and will soon post a pic of the progress. A little more work and I'm almost ready to add Incitatus. It should be a really interesting piece, so be sure to come back soon and have a peek! Until then, take care!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mural Panel

I'm back from the land of the dead after another terrible bout with the flu. Since last Thursday, my time was spent either sleeping in bed, or sleeping on the couch, but almost always sleeping. Sure glad that's pretty much over with!

'Nuf of that. The picture you see above is of my panel for Le Cadeau du Cheval (The Gift Horse) mural. We were fortunate enough to get to pick our panels and I'm really happy I got my first choice. I have a few ideas for this panel and can definitely see several things. What I do end up painting will be posted here. Although this isn't due until July 1st, knowing me, I'll be starting this immediately. At least sketching out a few of my ideas to see which one I'll decide on. I'll post the work in progress also, once I start. So be sure to keep checking to see updates on this. I know I haven't been posting much lately, but hopefully this starts changing now that my health is coming back. 'Til next time . . .

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Still Life From my Bathroom

Candle and Soap
20 x 16 original acrylic

Yup, this scene is from my bathroom. Well, I don't keep a candle there, or everything arranged like in the painting, but it is a scene I set up in my bathroom. I'd been wanting to paint glass blocks and various shades of white for the longest time. The candle and facecloth are pretty yellow, but they're still so pale that they might be considered fancy whites.

Painting the glass blocks was a challenge. Each block is really abstract, filled with lines, shapes, and colors, none making sense, but the whole creating the blocks. I might experiment again later with glass blocks. They're so different to paint from other glass subjects. I also plan on doing more studies in various shades of white. There's just something about the differences in white that compells me to paint them. I might also make some adjustments to this painting, minor details.

Also regarding art, please check out the Gift Horse mural project at . This project is sure to be a truly great collaborative work of art, and I'm so proud to be participating in this project. There are some truly amazing artists participating, several whom I've admired for a long time. I'll give more details as things develop.

On a personal note, I've quit smoking!!! Please congratulate me. This has been such a challenge. I've been on Zyban for the last couple of weeks and quit March 31. Today marks my 3rd full day without smoking. The Zyban has really helped also and I know I couldn't have done it without it. I'd tried soooo many times throughout the years. I'd been hearing from a lot of people about side effects and all that, but in all honesty, I have none. I also have no cravings for any cigarettes. None. Even if I would've had side effects, I would've stuck it out. Better to put up with a few little side effects and give up smoking rather than the possible alternatives later on, right? I mean, the excuses we smokers come up with are truly ridiculous. And all of the gross commercials and pictures on cigarette packs did nothing to help me quit. Nothing. What did convince me this time was a new commercial that took away all my excuses. Taking away excuses is an old trick in sales and I'm surprised it took so long for the cigarette police to finally think of this. After seeing this commercial several times, I'd made my decision. I also used to say that I enjoyed smoking, and that was another convenient excuse to keep smoking. Then it finally dawned on me a while back that a heroin addict like his drug too. An alcoholic loves his booze. That's nothing but addiction speaking. So, I'm proud of myself, but I'll never, EVER give up coffee! I wish the best of luck to anyone else out there trying. G'luck!