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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Clementine Alla Prima Still Life

6 x 6 Alla Prima Oil
Carole Rodrigue ©2015
Click to view eBay auction

I painted this little one yesterday afternoon, alla prima.  I had no intention of painting since I was so busy having finished the wine piece, but I had purchased these lovely little clementines that had the stems and leaves. We rarely have them here with the leaves and stems so I did take many reference shots for future works.  The leaves were already beginning to dry, so this one had to be done quickly since it was painted from life.  The  clementines are all done too, as in they've been eaten.  Enjoy! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Tangerine Alla Prima Still Life with Video Demonstration

6 x 6 Oil
Carole Rodrigue ©2014

Today was a productive day.  The dog had her walk and I painted this little tangerine, AND made a little video demonstration using still photos.  My camera doesn't record, so I'm stuck for now.  :-s

This painting is now up for bids on eBay and you can also view the video on YouTube by clicking the embedded video below.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Gourds Daily Painting Still Life

Fall Gourds
8 x 10 Oil
Carole Rodrigue ©2014

These little gourds sit on my coffee table in a lovely fall arrangement.  Sometimes you can sit for hours wondering what to paint and the answer lies in front of you the whole time. This is the beauty of still life painting.  There's no need to trek through nasty weather to paint the perfect location under the perfect lighting, or patiently taking thousands of photos to find the right pose while photographing animals who refuse to stay still.  I've done both and enjoyed it, but my heart still lies in still life.  I do plan on some plain air painting soon though, even though I've been saying it for ages it seems.  I will get to it some day.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this one which is now up on eBay.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pumpkin & Jug Alla Prima Still Life

Pumpkin & Jug
8 x 10 Oil, Alla Prima
Carole Rodrigue ©2014

Today's painting is just finished and still very wet and shiny.  The rich colours of fall are everywhere and what would fall be without a few pumpkins and gourds around? I have more gourds too, just waiting to be painted.  I hope I can get around to them.  I also hope you enjoy this painting.  If you do, it's now up on eBay.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Silver & Fruit Painting a Day

Silver & Fruit
8 x 10 Oil on hardboard
Carole Rodrigue ©2014

Every once in a while, there is a painting that one creates that one would like to hold on to.  This is one of them.  However, I have put it up for auction on eBay.  My intentions were to paint it for auction, so that's what I'm doing, even though my dining room is in severe need of artwork! But hey, maybe this one would look better in your dining room.  If you think so, you can click here to bid on eBay.  Thanks for having a look!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Navel Orange

Navel Orange
6 x 6 Oil
Carole Rodrigue ©2014
Not for sale

Hi everyone, and yes, you see right.  This one is not for sale.  It is being donated for the Mayor's Celebration of the Arts, here in Sudbury, Ontario this May 1st.  I will be painting more oranges in times to come, however, so please keep your eyes open because you just never know when! :-)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Leaves & Small Pumpkin
5 x 7 Oil on hard board
Carole Rodrigue Copyright 2013

This little fall treasure was painted last week but wasn't posted until this weekend.  The reason? I was in Banff for the week enjoying the greatest vacation ever in the mountains and at the Banff Springs Hotel.  It was more enjoyable than I ever dreamed and I started missing the place as soon as I left.  So, because of this vacation, I didn't want to list a painting on eBay if I couldn't be around to ship it.  Now I'm back, and here it is!  I hope you enjoy this one, and if you do, you can click here to bid on eBay. 

Before signing off, here are a couple of photos from the trip.  The first one was taken during our visit at Lake Louise, and the second is the view from my room on the day we left.  There was no snow on the mountains when we got there but by the time we left, they were all covered and magical.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Orange Painting of the Day

5 x 7 Oil on hard board
Carole Rodrigue copyright 2013

Today's daily painting is a simple orange.  Sometimes the simplicity of an object is what makes it so beautifully perfect.  This one is up on eBay for auction.  Click here to see the eBay listing. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Orange & Copper Pot Painting of the Day

Orange & Copper Pot
5 x 7 Oil on hard board
Carole Rodrigue Copyright 2013

Here is this week's first daily painting that I am posting.  I'm in the middle of something and won't be able to return to full time posting of daily paintings until the 30th of September.  This one is up for auction on eBay.  Now, I don't know if there's something going on with Blogger but the photo and the painting don't look like this!  There's a much better photo up on eBay, so at least have a look there even if it's just to see what the painting looks like.  I hope it uploads much better than what it looks like on my screen.  I will be back tomorrow with another piece!