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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Apple on Books Alla Prima Oil Painting

Apple on Books
6 x 6 Oil Alla Prima
Carole Rodrigue copyright ©2015

This newest painting was painted alla prima.  This is fancy art talk that means wet paint into wet paint.  Usually, I like to work with dry layers, but little studies are fun to do alla prima.  When you see an alla prima painting, you will see visible brush marks.  That's a natural part of the process because the paint is wet, therefore some brush strokes also remove paint as you're adding more.  This makes painting in this still challenging with certain colours that are more prone to doing this.  I always tone my supports, whether I'm painting onto dry layers as well as alla prima, but the toning sure does help with alla prima.  I would hate to see white showing through those brush marks.

I didn't make a video of this one.  I will be making more, but not every piece.  Then again, maybe I should make one for each piece.  I'll see.

If you enjoy this little gem, it's now up on eBay.  Have a great day! xo

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Speed Painting Video: Lemons

Lemons Still Life
8 x 10 Oil 
Carole Rodrigue © 2015

I've been having one foot in my studio and one foot out for months now.  I've worked on projects, but things kept happening to keep me away. The latest was a pinched nerve in my neck that had me debilitated for a few weeks now.  My arm was completely rendered useless. If I were to assume the cause, I would say it's from painting.  Occupational hazard.  I suppose it just goes with the territory when you spend long hours daily humped over your work.

 I'm on the mend now, so of course the first thing I wanted to do was paint.  Lemons. Need you ask?

I had also wanted to experiment with speed painting videos for the longest time.  I finally figured out the logistics and created a video of this painting.  It's now up on YouTube and I inserted the video here on this post.  It's a quick little painting demo about 5 hours condensed into just under six minutes.

All I'm going to say is that I still need a better set up for recording.  I had the tripod almost directly in front of the painting as I reached across with my right arm (the sore one) to paint.  It wasn't long before the pain came back in my neck, but I persisted.  You just can't keep me away for too long.

I hope to make more of these in the future. Enjoy the brief glimpse into my creative world.

P.S.  The painting is available on eBay.  

P.P.S.  I've got info on YouTube listing the paint colours used in case someone is learning how to paint lemons, or is just curious.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Still Life with Peeling Paint and Lock

TLA No. 2
8 x 10 Oil
Carole Rodrigue ©2015

My second piece for the new year is also the second instalment of my TLA (true love always) series. I had painted a slightly larger one a few years ago that was juried into a show and sold.

The memories that this theme brings to me are priceless.  When I paint these, I envision warm sunny days with my friends, talking about girlhood crushes and carving the TLA and heart on trees and fences, writing it in sand, and even in the air with our fingers.  It's wonderful to be taken back to a time that is so heartwarming.  

This is now up on eBay for a much, much lower price than what the first one sold for.  Don't miss this one!